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Heaven, Hell and the Here & Now pt 1

Where do Christians go when they die and how long are they there for?  (Ok, so that’s something of a shameless trick question to draw you in to listen to the sermon!)  How can these truths inspire and motivate us to live for Christ today?

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Learning our Faith

Why is it important to think accurately about God if we’re to avoid making Him in our image?  If we’re to live lives that honour and please God, if we’re to worship Him in the whole of life as we should, then we have to know Him.  But how does this actually happen and what outcomes might we expect?

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Called to Community pt 2

In this sermon, having looked at the congregation, we look at two other levels of Christian community to see the part they can play in helping us to know and follow Jesus Christ.

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Called to Community pt 1

God calls us into relationship with Himself and also with others in order that we can bring glory to Jesus and in so doing we can reach our full potential.  But what is the role of gathering on a Sunday?  Why is this such a big deal and what does God promise to us when we prioritise coming to church on the Lord’s Day?

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