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The Promise of God in Threatening Pain

This morning I read a blog post that started with the words:

We live in a society that is petrified of suffering. Each day starts with a thousand moments of flinching at pain — at our alarm clocks, at the shower’s cold water, at missed emails that threaten loss and tragedy. We resent suffering, and what it could mean for us. 
I was captivated.

“That’s so true!” I thought, that’s me….flinching at little stabs of pain the whole day long. And so I read on. The post is written by a pro American Football player who I’d never heard of – you probably haven’t either – but who knows his theology. It really strengthened me and my grip on joy-infused gospel centeredness was made just a bit tighter.

I want to commend it to you. It flies in the face of the culture’s view of suffering, a view that has become the air we breathe in much of the contemporary western church, and for that reason alone it’s worth a look.

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