Job opportunity – What’s the number one issue facing the Church today?

When it comes to life and faith the modern world is becoming an increasingly challenging place for both parents and young people.

Lymington Baptist Church are looking to appoint a third full-time Pastor to work, within the church and beyond, in this vital area.

Your role would involve three key elements:

  1. To oversee the effectiveness of all our existing ministries among young people and families.
  2. To pioneer contemporary, family-oriented ministries that can enable families, in and outside of the church, to flourish.
  3. To develop innovations for family ministry and outreach which focus specifically on the needs and development of fathers.

To fulfil this role you will be a Bible-prioritising Christian who currently works either as a Pastor, or in a hands-on leadership role with young people and families, such as secondary education.

You will have a passion for enabling young people and their families, in the church, on the fringe and beyond, to be equipped to live under the gospel.

For full details of this exciting new opportunity, please contact: Dave Gooderidge (Lead Pastor)

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