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Connect (for 5 to 25 people)

Connect groups are regular gatherings where we read, pray through and apply God’s Word together, usually focused around the previous Sunday morning sermon. Wherever you are in the Christian faith, you’ll be very welcome: Connect groups are easy to join and open to all. 

Connect Groups are a great way to get to know other LBC people, and encourage each other to keep following Jesus in the whole of our lives. Most Connect groups take place in people’s homes, usually once a fortnight. Some meet on weekday mornings, others on an afternoon or evening.

Core (for around 3 people)

Core groups provide an opportunity to meet with two or three other people, to encourage each other to live under God’s Word and become more like Jesus in our everyday lives (Ephesians 5:1). People organise them in different ways (see Start a Core group, below), but most revolve around catching up, praying and opening the Bible together. By doing so, we intentionally cultivate friendships that are deep and authentic, and which provide a safe place for meaningful accountability. Core groups typically meet weekly or fortnightly and, unlike Connect groups, they are “closed” so people wanting to join a group need to start a new one with their friends.

Find a Core group

Please contact the Church Office to be put in touch with a Core group.

Start a Core group

Keen to organise your own triplet? Here are some pointers…

We suggest you form a group of three because, from experience, the dynamics of this number work really well. You might like to meet with people you already know. Alternatively, we can put you in touch with others who want to form a Core Group. It’s worth keeping in mind that, as strange as it may seem, it’s not important to know the people in your group before you start. The key thing is that there is a common desire to live for Christ. The relationship comes out of that!

Your Core group will evolve over time, but to get the most out of it you’ll need to allow sufficient time to include all the important elements, and be meeting often enough to maintain continuity. An hour a week or a couple of hours every fortnight might be a good guide. On top of those times, you’ll probably want to schedule occasional meetings where you can be together without any agenda.


When  you  meet is entirely up to you – the crack of dawn, late at night or anywhere in between!

Once the group has been established, we would normally include the following elements: sharing news, praying for one another and studying the Bible. Exactly how much time is spent on each will vary from one meeting to another. Opening the Bible when you meet – even if it’s just to share some verses that you’ve read in individual Quiet Times – is really important: it’s the primary way God speaks to us, strengthens us and generates faith within us. Out of the Word, we can pray and minister to one another with much greater confidence and assurance.

There’s so much great material that we’d like to recommend. To mention a few: Just for Starters, by Phillip Jensen & Tony Payne,  Christian Living for Starters, Explore Bible Notes, HighQuest and Tim Chester’s excellent book, You Can Change

We’re really keen to support your group in any way we can; do get in touch if you need anything. A couple of times a year, we will arrange times when other Core groups can get together. These are opportunities to share stories about how things are going – particularly ideas that have worked well.

One-to-One Bible Reading


Are you interested in reading the Bible but not sure where to begin? Do you love the Good Book and wish you could spread some of that passion to others? Are you frankly just baffled by the whole idea of the Bible? If so, One-to-One Bible Reading is for you! Studying Scripture with another person is one of the oldest Christian activities around – it trains us, deepens understanding, grows our love for God and builds friendships of real substance. And anyone can do it.

For tips on how to go about it, we highly recommend One-to-One Bible Reading by David Helm or One-to-One: A Discipleship Handbook by Sophie De Witt. One-to-Ones usually meet weekly or fortnightly, for a set amount of time: typically eight to 12 weeks. They usually focus on a single book of the Bible, or part of a book.

Start reading one-to-one

If you’re keen to read the Bible with someone, we can happily find you a suitable partner. Please contact the Church Office on 

“Imagine if all Christians, as a normal part of their discipleship, were caught up in a web of regular Bible reading – not only digging into the Word privately, but reading it with their children before bed... with a non-Christian colleague at work... with a new Christian... with a mature Christian friend once a month for mutual encouragement. It’s an exciting thought!”