CAP Job Club Members

This page is especially for Job Club members, initially to provide you with access to the templates for completing your CV, but in the future we may add more information, so please check back here occasionally.

What if you don’t have Microsoft Office on your computer at home?

Microsoft Office (Word Excel etc) can be expensive to buy – but there’s an alternative and you don’t need to spend a penny!  Instead you can download for free a product called ‘Libre Office’ – . But to make it compatible with Microsoft Office, speak to Viv East to help you make a simple change to the settings.

CV Forms

We have two CV forms that you can choose from:

  • 1 page Word document which you can fill in on the computer and then save to your computer. You can then either attach it to an email in order to apply to a job online, or print it off and post it with your application letter.
    Click to download 1 page CV form
  • 2 page PDF to print, and then fill in by hand. Ideal if you don’t have a computer at home, or would just prefer to not use the computer.
    Click to download 2 page CV for filling by hand

Instructions for using the 1 page Word CV form

This document is designed to be filled in on your computer, and will restrict you to type only one page of information. It already has the headings for each section of your CV.

  1. With your mouse, double click on the Name heading, this will highlight it. Now type your own name – which will automatically replace the heading.
  2. Click once about 1cm to the right of the Address heading – this will position the cursor in the correct position for you to type your address. Keep your address to one line only.
  3. Repeat point 3 for your email address and telephone number.
  4. Click once immediately below the heading Personal Statement. Your cursor should now be in exactly the right position to start typing. When typing, only press the Return (Enter) key when you want to start a new paragraph.
  5. Repeat point 5 for all the other headings in the CV.
  6. When finished, choose Save As and change the filename to your own name. In future use this version to make updates/amendments to your CV.
  7. Then choose Save As again. Leave your name as the filename, and now change the Save Type to a PDF. Use this file to send your job application.

NB: If you find some of the headings ‘disappear’ – it may be because you’ve typed more than a full page and they will reappear if you reduce the amount you’ve typed by editing it.

Instructions for the 2 page ‘Filling in by Hand’ PDF form.

  1. Click once on the hyperlink above – this should open the file.
  2. Print in the normal way.
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