Growing in faith

Jesus helped his followers to trust Him and to centre their lives on Him and as a result they lived lives of great adventure and found the fulfillment and satisfaction that they were longing for.  We want to help people to trust Jesus and put His agenda before their own by teaching and applying His Word, the Bible.


On Sunday mornings about 150 of us of all ages and stages of faith meet together to express and explore our faith in Jesus.  Our meetings are informal and welcoming and we get to hear a message that is both encouraging and challenging about how Jesus can make a real difference to our lives today.

What to expect:

During the first half an hour of the service all ages meet together.  A variety of hymns and songs are sung by the congregation, some quite old and others very contemporary.   There is often a short talk that is aimed at children but the truth is most of the adults get loads from it! Sometimes we interview someone about what they get up to during the week; we call this Frontline.

Most people who want to give to God’s work at LBC do so electronically so we don’t take an offering during the service.  Instead we do mark the fact that people have given to God’s work by bringing the Offering Box forward to the front of the church where we give thanks to God for what He has provided.

After about half an hour the children and early teens have the opportunity to go out to age-specific groups to explore how to live well in their own context.

For the rest of the congregation there’s more singing, prayer and Bible reading.  There is also a talk (sometimes called a “sermon”) which is based on a passage from the bible.   We love to explain what the Bible meant back when it was written and to then talk about what it means for us today.

Sunday evenings

From time to time on Sunday evenings we have a short series of services which run from 7-8 pm.   These services (which are even more informal than the mornings!) are a great way to round off Sunday and start the new week.  We sing, hear the Bible read and explained and also have the opportunity to encourage one another by praying and sharing what we believe God is saying to us.


Takes place on a Sunday afternoon and is for those in Year 10 and above to learn how they can organise their lives around Jesus.


Clusters are groups of between fifteen and thirty that gather together fortnightly.  These groups help us to work out, with others, how to apply the Bible so that it makes a real, practical difference to the cut and thrust of our everyday lives and to those in our community that the Cluster is seeking to serve.

Clusters are really loose around the edges so it’s easy to join (and easy to leave if it’s not for you!)

Life Groups

Life Groups are eight to twelve people who meet weekly in order to help one another to know and follow Jesus  through prayerfully applying the Bible.

Core Groups

Core groups typically comprise three people who meet together with the goal of making significant progress in becoming the followers of Jesus we long to be.  As we share our lives, read the Bible together and pray for one another, we intentionally cultivate friendships that are deep and authentic, and which provide a safe place for meaningful accountability.

Boot Camp

Three times a year we run the infamous Early Morning Mens’ Bible Study Boot Camp.

As the names suggests:

  • It’s early: 6 am until 7.15 am
  • It’s for men: We love to do things together but we also recognise that there is great benefit in doing some things which are gender specific.
  • It’s a Bible Study: Whilst we do stand in the church kitchen and eat bacon  sandwiches for 10 minutes and whilst we do take some time to pray for one another the main event is the Bible study. We typically work through sections of the Bible listening to what God would want to say to us.
  • It’s a Boot Camp: It’s short, intense, challenging and not for the faint hearted. It’s designed to give us a significant boost to our relationship with God and following after Jesus.

Freedom in Christ

This course is designed for those who want to become more fruitful and effective in their following of Jesus.   Dozens of people have done it at LBC and have found it to be really helpful.

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One to One

A really helpful way of growing as a Christian is to simply meet one-to-one with another Christian who is slightly further ahead than you  in order to look at the Bible together.  Typically this might be for an hour a week or a fortnight for a few weeks or even months.

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