Sunday groups


Crèche (0-2s)   In our crèche we aim to create a vibrant, safe and happy environment where, from a child’s earliest days, we share the love of God.


Scramblers  (Pre-school) is the under-fives group.  Children form many significant attitudes and habits in the first five years of their lives which will last a lifetime.  So we believe it’s really important to pass on the Good News about Jesus to our children right from the start.  With that in mind, we have a team of people who plan and support a variety of Bible-based activities such as playing, drawing, cutting, sticking, singing, stories and drama.  It’s usually noisy and a lot of fun!

Mini Kidz

At Mini Kidz we want to help children to know about Jesus and the difference He can make to our lives today.  We start with a time of sharing when we tell each other our latest news, then one of us might lead us in prayer before we get down to serious business.  Sometimes we read a Bible story, sometimes we watch a video, and then we help each other to understand what we heard and what it means for us.  After that we have fun activities, like making or painting something, re-enacting the story, doing quizzes or word searches, join the dots… loads of stuff!

Live Kidz

We use games, stories, drama, quizzes, videos, music, art and of course the Bible, to help children get to know God. We meet weekly for an hour in our own room during the main service and have much more fun than those who stay ‘upstairs’.  Our aim is to help children discover how much God loves them, and to encourage them to investigate the man called Jesus, so that they can build their own relationship with Him. Before children can believe in the Lord, they must hear about Him; and for them to hear about the Lord, someone must tell them. Rom 10:14.


RS2 is for those aged 11-14yrs ( yr 7-9)

We meet on Sunday mornings at 11-12 where we teach the Bible in a way that is relevant to the lives of our young people. We aim to encourage them to seek after God themselves and to step out in faith. It is a place where the young people can support each other and learn from one another. The group sponsors two children in Uganda to whom they write regularly.


Reckless is a youth group for those who are in Year 10 and above and as a result are no longer part of our Sunday morning youth and children’s work. We meet at LBC on a Sunday evening from 5 pm-7 pm. Our goal is to learn how we can live out our Christian faith in all of our lives and so with everything we learn we ask “What difference does this make to me tomorrow?” Our name comes from Jonathan’s display of faith in 1 Samuel 14 and helps us to remember that we want to step out in reckless faith whenever God gives us the opportunity. We also put aside plenty of time to have fun together and build relationships.

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