What to expect

During the first half an hour of the service all ages meet together.  A variety of hymns and songs are sung by the congregation, some quite old and others very contemporary.   There is often a short talk that is aimed at children but the truth is most of the adults get loads from it! Sometimes we interview someone about what they get up to during the week; we call this Frontline.

Most people who want to give to God’s work at LBC do so electronically so we don’t take an offering during the service.  Instead we do mark the fact that people have given to God’s work by bringing the Offering Box forward to the front of the church where we give thanks to God for what He has provided.

After about half an hour the children and early teens have the opportunity to go out to age-specific groups to explore how to live well in their own context.

For the rest of the congregation there’s more singing, prayer and Bible reading.  There is also a talk (sometimes called a “sermon”) which is based on a passage from the Bible.   We love to explain what the Bible meant back when it was written and to then talk about what it means for us today.

On Sunday evenings we sometimes have another service that runs from 7 pm – 8 pm.   These services (which are even more informal than the mornings!) are a great way to round off Sunday and start the new week.  We sing, hear the Bible read and explained and also have the opportunity to encourage one another by praying and sharing what we believe God is saying to us.

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