Church Membership reflects the fact that when someone becomes a Christian it isn’t just a personal decision but something “communal”.   We see in Acts 2:41-42 that when people became followers of Jesus they devoted themselves to the local community of believers.  The committed relationship that had been entered into with God was reflected in a similar kind of relationship with others.

The Bible, from beginning to end, shows that this “covenant” relationship is to be worked out not just vertically with God but horizontally with others.  It’s very clear that our faith is to be lived out in community with others and hence the 31 “one another” statements in the New Testament that explain that we are to love one another, serve one another, encourage one another, rejoice with one another, confess sins to one another……etc!   We cannot do these statements by ourselves and Church Membership reflects the fact that in Christ we belong to one another (Romans 12:5).  We are, as the Bible says His Body with each part having a vital role.

So for those who want to make public their commitment to Lymington Baptist Church, for those who want to commit to this particular manifestation of the universal Church, then Church Membership is the way to represent this. In the words of our Baptist forebears, in membership we commit that we will “walk together in ways made known and ways to be made known, watching over and being watched over”.

You might wonder what’s required of being a Church Member.  The answer is surprisingly simple:  we expect members to be faithful disciples who love Jesus, worship regularly with His Bride, grow spiritually, care for others, give generously, honour their leaders and serve wholeheartedly.    Members are those that say in effect “We’re going to help one another to know and follow Jesus through being the Body of Christ in this place.”

We regularly run Membership evenings so that you can find out more about this important step in following Jesus.

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