Our Leaders

The New Testament teaches that God gives leaders to the church in order to give, amongst other things, care, guidance and protection.  The Bible says there are basically two types of leader: Elders (sometimes called Pastors or Overseers) and Deacons and at LBC together they form one Leadership Team giving careful oversight of all the ministries and activities of the church.  We call Deacons “Trustees” because legally we are required to have them and this word more helpfully describes what they do.  Trustees and Elders work together to lead the church. 

Elders are especially called to lead the church through ministering God’s Word.  This is done by, for example, nurturing, feeding, caring for, protecting, directing and admonishing God’s people through speaking and applying the Bible.  In addition they are tasked with reaching out with the Bible to those outside of the church.

We use the term “Pastor” to refer to those who serve as Elders in a full time capacity for the church.  The Lead Pastor, leads the Eldership team.

So if Elders are called to “Shepherd the flock of God” (1 Peter 5) the Trustees are especially called to help release them for this role.  We see in Acts 6 how Spirit-filled leaders enabled the Elders to exercise their ministry by heading off a potentially disastrous racial split in the church by successfully managing an important area of church life.

The Pastors and Trustees together act, as per charity law, as Managing Trustees of the church.  This means they have a legal responsibility to ensure that the church is properly managed and that we keep “in the black and out of jail”.

Our Elders:

Dave Gooderidge (Lead Pastor) Carolyn Keats (Pastor) Tim Barry, Anne Maule.

Lead Pastor,
Rev Dave Gooderidge

Miss Carolyn Keats.

Tim Barry.

Anne Maule.

Our Trustees:

Jules Backer Dirks

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