Our values

At LBC we are characterised by a commitment to a number of values that come straight out of the Bible.

As a church we are about:

Celebrating and Extending Grace

We want to celebrate the undeserved favour of God shown in Jesus by worshipping Him – not just singing in church but worshipping through the offering of our whole lives to God.

We also want to extend this grace to others who don’t know Jesus.

Encouraging and Enabling Growth

As followers of Jesus we are to grow and change to become more like our Leader.  This exciting process of transformation takes place as we learn to trust what God says in the Bible and it’s to be a life long journey.

Building and Strengthening Groups

Our worship, evangelism and spiritual growth is designed to happen in the context of community; we’re to follow Jesus with others not by ourselves.   We meet in big groups called “Congregations”, smaller groups called “Clusters” and “Life Groups” and even smaller groups called “Core Groups”.  Each one plays a really important role in helping us to follow Jesus.

Promoting and Practising Generosity

Our following Jesus is to be characterized by a counter-cultural commitment to generosity as we carefully use what God has given us to honour Him and to serve others.   God has given us time, talents, money and opportunity and they are all to be used wisely and generously.

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