Baptism is a very special moment on the journey of faith. It is the moment when a believer has the opportunity to display to others the change of heart that God has brought about inside of them.

When we have a baptism, it forms part of our regular Sunday service. Those who are being baptized enter our baptist pool and are momentarily immersed under water to signify the death of their old life and their being born again to a new life in Jesus Christ (Romans 6:3-4). In doing this, they are declaring that they are no longer choosing to go their own way, but are choosing to follow Jesus by listening to him and obeying him. They are also letting everyone know that they have been washed clean, or forgiven, and have a fresh start at living well.

Our times of baptism are always very special, and those being baptized often invite their friends and family to come along and witness this act of obedience to Jesus.

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