What is a Christian?

The word “Christian” was first recorded in Acts 11:26 and literally means “follower of Christ”. So a Christian is one who has chosen to no longer go their own way and do their own thing, but instead to follow Jesus by going where he directs and doing as he instructs, trusting that he is in absolute control and that he is completely faithful and always loving. This is called repentance and involves being truly sorry for the wrong things we have done and turning away from them by choosing to listen to God and obey him.

This kind of Christian is often described as a “born-again Christian” in order to differentiate from the more general term of Christian, which is also used to describe people who live in a “Christian country” or were brought up in a “Christian home”. The phrase “born-again” was used by Jesus in John 3:3 to specify our need to be born spiritually in addition to our original physical birth. Jesus gives this new birth when we put our trust in him by giving us the Holy Spirit who gives us the power to live the way God calls us to live. No Christian lives this out perfectly, we still often get it wrong but our heart’s desire is to live this way more and more and God knows our heart and is always ready to forgive when we repent.

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