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Helping you to know and follow Jesus

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Living Well

We believe that people find their true meaning in life through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Come and join us as we find out more about Him and seek to follow Him in everything we do.

Eating together – March 3rd

Jesus ate with everyone: Pharisees, tax collectors, disciples, and probably his mum, dad and brothers when he was younger. Eating together is a wonderful way to form community.

Every other month, we will stay at church to eat as a big family. Even if you have never been to church before and have simply stumbled on our website, you are very welcome to join us. You are also invited to come to the church service beforehand to worship and learn together with us.

Our Sunday Service will begin at 10h30am and we will eat at some point after 12pm.

What are we all about?

We are a seaside community. When you enter our church you will see the sail we project video onto. We like maritime images. We see our role as both a beacon and a lighthouse: a beacon shining the light of Christ, and a lighthouse keeping our community off the rocks. 

In order to achieve this, in 2024 we aim to LOVE where we live, to WELCOME the stranger and to WALK in Christ’s Way.

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What does it mean to follow Jesus?

"LBC has been a great source of inspiration to me and the team at LICC. I have just loved every interaction we've had and been so encouraged by the people I've met, seeking to be Jesus' people in so many diverse contexts."